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May 14th, 2015

The SE Qld Flyfishers Club is holding a weekend casting and flyfishing clinic at Currumbin Special School on 25 and 26 July 2015. Full details are available and bookings for the event may be made on the club web site.

Extravaganza Weekend

January 10th, 2014

SE Qld Flyfishers Club has an Extravaganza Weekend outing to Camp Lakefire at Maroon Dam from Friday 31 January to Sunday 2 February 2014.
This is an unusual outing in that it will include some bass fishing but will also be holding fly fishing workshops, including seminars and workshops on casting, fly tying, flats fishing and other practical aspects of fly fishing. Peter Morse MCI and several of the club members will be hosting these seminars and at a cost of $ 30 for non club members it should prove to be an absolute bargain and also great fun. Further details can be seen on the club web site. Accommodation can be arranged directly with Camp Lakefire and meals will be supplied at an extra $ 50 per person.
One that we recommend.

John Waters Casting Clinic

June 8th, 2011

Over the weekend 4 and 5 June well known Australian multiple fly casting champion John Waters, in conjunction with Great Bay Rods held a two day casting clinic on the Gold Coast. The event was co-ordinated by South East Queensland Flyfishers Club under the supervision of special events co-ordinator Tom Boylan.
The Saturday sessions, held at Albert Park, comprised two group sessions, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Both were well attended and all participants reported how much they had learned from John.
Sunday comprised an open day at Colleges Rugby Club. John was assisted by Certified Casting Instructors Paul Goodey, Shaun Ash and Jon Burgess in his individual assistance to members of the public and club members.
The improvement of the casting of many present was clearly noticable over the period of the weekend, and it is pleasing to add that several members are still seen conscientiously applying the lessons learnt from John.

Jumpinpin 20 June 2010

June 24th, 2010

A fairly well attended outing by the Southeast Qld Flyfishers Club, with four boats and a small group of “beach based” flyfishermen on the spit on the north end of South Stradbroke Island.
the wetaher for once co-operated and despite a chill in the early morning the sun shona and the wind barely breathed on the Broadwater.
Almost all those present caught fish. Species included were taylor, trevally, bream, whiting, dart and the ever present flathead.
As always the event finished witha group of club members gathered around the barby kindly tended by Brian Ware.

Ebor 30 April 2010 to 2 May 2010

June 24th, 2010

Eight member of Souteast Qld Flyfishers Club made the annual trip to Ebor this year. The visit being in late autumn was, for several members, a first visit to the area athis time of year.
Fishing was challenging and not many fish were caught. However the visit added new waters to those previously fished by club members and a thank you to the local farmers who obliged by allowing club members to fish their waters must be noted.
The outing was much enjoyed by all.

Inter club – Inskip Point

July 4th, 2009

An inter club challenge between South East Queensland and Sunshine Coast Fly Fishing Clubs was held over the weekend of 21 / 21 June 2009.
The results were rather one sided with Sunshine Coast easily taking the magnificent trophy (created by Nat Bromhead) to hang in Tie “n” Fly Outfitters for the next year.
As the writer was late for the prizegiving I can only say that I think Bruce Nitskie, Pete Swanson, Dazz and Nat Bromhead were the leading anglers, with each catching several species at unspecified venues.
A great weekend was had by all, with possible highlights being a crab dinner (thanks Alf) and a midnight casting competition held in dreadful conditions by dreadfully conditioned competitors. This was won by Jackson (Jacko) Marr with the only serious competition coming from Chris Adams. Jacko certainly throws a long line and must be viewed as a contestant in future australian distance casting events.
Tom Boylan, el presidente of SE Qld, immediately laid down the gauntlet with a promise of a rematch at a venue more familiar to his club.

SE QLD Fly Fishing Club – trip to Uncle Billy’s

June 3rd, 2009


The weekend was attended by members Tom, Brian, Jorgen, Peter and Jon. They were fortunate to be joined for one night by current New Zealand South Island trout guide Bruce Leitch and past Alpine Angling guide Jason. For all but Tom and Jason this was a first time visit to Uncle Billy’s.

The weather treated the visitors kindly for the entire weekend, with a stable barometric pressure and no rain, a fact which did not please land owners “Uncle” Bill Atkin and his wife Susan, as they have received very little rain in the area this year. However as a result of the dry season the water was clear enough to offer exciting sight fishing over the weekend.

It was a pleasure for the club members to fish with the two Kiwis who lent much knowledgeable assistance to all.

The guides left for greener pastures late on the Saturday afternoon, having supplied members with telephone numbers and promises of excellent fishing in their area should any club members ever visit. Bruce is based in Queenstown and for those interested his web site can be seen on

Over the course of the weekend the large dam, Lake Yoolimba, fished well with mid size rainbows being caught on both wet and dry flies, with bead head woolly buggers and similar flies arguably being the most successful.

Unfortunately the team were not to encounter fish in the size of the reputed 4.2 kg fish caught off the Lake Yoolimba jetty recently, but all fish landed were in excellent condition and fought strongly.

For the boating enthusiasts there was a rowing boat supplied and Peter and Tom employed their maritime knowledge to good, although with a chain anchor rope in a tinny at times rather noisy, effect.

The newer deep dam (reputed to be forty foot deep) was found to have very clear water and a great deal of surface activity. Polaroiding was clearly an option and yielded several fish to the dry fly over the weekend.

The highlight of the weekend for most was, in fact, probably the dry fly fishing in the top two dams each afternoon, with almost all dry flies taking fish at differing times of the day. Although the fish were smaller than those in Lake Yoolimba, the fishing was not without hazard, with one dam affording fish deep weed in which to bury themselves, and the other being surrounded by dead thistles on the bank, to enmesh the line of the unwary angler.

All fish were rainbows and in beautiful condition, and the catching was almost as good as the fishing. Hopefully with the great success of the outing next years event will attract more participants.