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December 8th, 2008

Lessons generally consist of one hour sessions and can be conducted on an individual or group basis. These lessons are based on the principles of the training manual of the Federation of Fly Fishers and cater for fly fishermen with experience varying from the fly casting novice to the experienced fly fishermen who has had considerable casting experience but wishes to extend his or her casting skills.

To be a successful fly fisherman or woman your casting skills must of necessity be based on a solid foundation – in simple terms a sequence of arm and hand motions. The easiest method of learning this foundation is by means of lessons from a qualified casting instructor.

To learn the arm movement which makes the rod, and by extension the line, perform as the caster wishes teaches the HOW, but little more. The student has little concept of WHY the motion works to achieve the particular result. The HOW type of instruction is important, but lacks serious casting education.

For this reason our lessons are aimed to focus not only on the HOW but also on the WHY aspect of casting. In the words of Gary Borger “Learn the WHY and the HOW becomes just a matter of practice.”

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